About Us

Marble is one of the most precious of natural stones. From its formation to reaching the living spaces every process it goes through is a journey of art. Everyone’s art is different. Art is passion.

KUPONSTONE presents its products with the confidence stemming from its technology and expertise in domestic and international markets fulfilling customer demands to satisfaction with its personnel and equipment.

We are proud to share our passion for marble with the highest quality of products.

KUPONSTONE brand operates in sales and marketing in natural stone sector for wholesale and retail of marble, granite and quartz since 2010 with the company headquarters in Bornova, Izmir. With its nearly 20 years of experience and dynamic organization KUPONSTONE is a leader in supplying block marble, plates and finished products.

 KUPONSTONE meets and exceeds customer needs and expectations every day with its wide range of high-quality products and services and expert work force. Our highly knowledgeable sales team helps our customers select the right products according to their specifications and budget. Our first and foremost goal is to ensure highest possible level of satisfaction not only for our customers but also for our partners in our supply chain and our employees.